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Hey all, I have a handful of boxes of my Pre-foreclosure Wealth Home Study Courses sitting here in my garage. Yes, this is the exact same product that I've used to flip more than 300 pre-foreclosure properties since I started back in 2003!
(At an average profit of $28,500 per flip I might add...)
And yes, it's the same course that I have sold on stage for many years for $2000 PER COURSE.
I'm going to make this a no brainer for you, so I'm taking 90% off of the course price for today. You can get whole enchilada for a measly $200.

This course has made a lot of people a LOT of money over the years. Also, look below for a complete description and as soon as I run out of however many are sitting in these few boxes in my garage, the deal is OVER!
This course is just so much more than just a manual. It’s literally an entire multi-media learning experience like none other. Some people learn best by reading, others by hearing and others by watching, and I’ve designed this manual to hit each base for you.

To see if it’s a good match for you and your reale state investing business, here’s a concise look at everything you’ll find inside. It doesn’t really do it justice, but for the sake of time, here’s the “Reader’s Digest version”....
  • ​  The Short Sale Wealth Manual: No fluff, no junk - I put only the good stuff inside. My entire proven business model, step-by-careful-step. First of all, this is NOT just another “dusty shelf” manual. Who needs another one of those?  We’re not just talking bullet points and wide margins here. The entire course manual is presented in a readable, comprehendable format. I’ve written this very intentionally so you can actually READ and UNDERSTAND it.  
  •  My Personal Marketing Arsenal: You’re getting all of the EXACT SAME marketing materials that I use in my business every day here in St. Louis. I’ve personally tested them, and they’ve proven to work VERY WELL for me. Letters, postcards, bandits signs…they’re all there.  
  • My Private “Business Systems” Checklists: Truly my secret weapon. My business is built upon proven systems, and my checklists are the very foundation of these systems. You’ll get each and every checklist that allows my business to be run like a well oiled machine - even without me.  
  • Live Seller Calls (Audio): In over 4 hours of audio you’ll hear first hand why I choose to go after some deals, and why I pass on others. This criteria took us 3 years to develop!  
  •  Interview with Bob the BPO Guy: I put one of the top producing BPO agents in the country under a microscope to find out what it really takes to get short sale deals approved.   
  • Short Sale Expert Credibility Kit: With this resource, I build instant credibility with my clients in less than 60 seconds. You will too. 
  • Real Estate Agent Persuasion Kit: A real estate agent presentation that you can show other agents. They’ll be knocking down your door with short sale referrals in no time!  
  •  “Understanding Credit” Package: Will help you qualify potential buyers, as well as understand how foreclosure affects credit. You’ll understand exactly how credit scores are generated, what to look for, and what to watch out for when selling your properties.  
  • Short Sale Profit Analyzer: A custom program I use to quickly calculate exactly how much I should offer the bank and how much I should make on any given deal. This program is stinkin’ awesome!  
  • Actual Deals, Step by Step: A step by step walk through of exactly what we did, how we dealt with the homeowner, how we dealt with the lender, you name it, you get it — even get copies of the actual offer letters that we used, the entire short sale package submitted, and more.  
  • Actual Lender Short Sale Packages: You’ll no longer need to call the lender and wait on hold for 30 minutes just to have the customer service department send you the short sale package. We’ve already done the work for you!  
  • Insider’s Guide to Slashing Tax Liens: Maost short sale investors assume tax liens cannot be discounted. NOT SO! We’ve show you exactly how it’s done! This groundbreaking information is not in any other short sale course that I’ve ever seen. Includes all forms.  
  • Bonus Short Sale FAQ: A 54 page quick reference manual comprised of some of the biggest, most frequently asked questions I hear time and time again.
Comprehensive Forms Disks…
Every form I use to run my business, and every single form you’ll ever need to run your short sale business –provided for you on disk.
Yes, this includes my “secret weapon” alluded to in the “Competition Killer” special report I put out.

You’ll get…
  • ​ Checklists for every step of the short sale process
  • ​ Proprietary marketing forms, letters, and templates 
  • ​Step by step scripts for every call you’ll have to make. 
  • ​Forms specific to FHA short sales 
  • ​IRS Lien short sale forms 
  • ​Actual lender BPO forms (you can see exactly what they see) 
  • ​Comprehensive Land Trust forms 
  • ​The best darned CYA (Cover Your Assets) letter you could ever ask for. 
I’ve also gone the extra mile in providing all forms in both customizable (MS Word, Excel) and “fillable” PDF – so you can keep your business as simple as possible. (I’ve gone virtually paperless using these!)

Worried about how to fill out the form properly? Concerned they might be too complicated? Problem solved…

Forms Videos (DVDs)…
I know understanding and correctly handling the forms can be one of the most intimidating parts of the short sale business. That’s why JP and I spent literally dozens of hours creating these step-by-step forms videos for you.

In these videos you’re literally looking over my shoulder as I fill out and explain the forms. You can watch them all together in sequence or just choose the form on the DVD menu you feel unsure of and watch the single video. It doesn’t get easier than this.
With these videos I have COMPLETELY RESOLVED any intimidation you may have about how to fill out the forms. You literally watch as I fill in the blanks for you, talking you through each section, explaining what it means, and what it does for you.

There is absolutely no better way to turn short sale forms into a piece of cake!
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