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About Leadership Boardroom
The Leadership Boardroom is a coaching and mastermind environment like nothing else on the planet.

If you've ever been in a high level mastermind environment, you probably already understand the power of being in a room of credible and experienced leaders, all there to share their best secrets, strategies and practices that helped to get them from where they were to where they are today.

Likewise, if you've ever had a personal one on one coach for any reason, (a sports coach, an impactful teacher, a mentor) you probably understand the power of having another experienced human being who cares for you immensely, focused solely on helping you to get from where you are currently are to where you ultimately want to be.

Over the course of my life, I've had the privilege of experiencing both of these things, and they have shaped and molded me into the business owner, father, husband, national speaker, author and coach I am today. That being said, never before have I been able to experience the power of both of these combined together in one environment.

The Leadership Boardroom combines the best of both of these growth strategies to deliver what many consider the best of the best personal and business improvement environments available.

These nationwide coaching/mastermind groups are limited to no more than 15 brilliant, hand selected people that meet regularly in a one on one coaching and group mastermind environment. Each and every member has been personally selected and extensively interviewed to ensure an atmosphere of outstanding leaders in life and industry, all dedicated to massive growth in both business and personal endeavors. We intentionally seek out professionals in a multitude of fields who are not only dedicated to living life on their own terms, but are also committed to helping others do the same.

We are insanely particular about who we allow to be a part of the Boardroom, recognizing that a large portion of the value received is determined by those who have been allowed to become a part of it.
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